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As chocolate mass is a non-Newtonian fluid we have to measure its shear stress at different shear rates, which results in a flow curve. Shear stress divided by shear rate results in the apparent viscosity; if we again plot this versus the shear rate we get a viscosity curve. Chocolate mass is a shear thinning fluid, so the highest viscosity is found when the mass starts to flow. Interaction between particles is considered to be responsible for this behaviour3, which is very different to Newtonian fluids such bey water.

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Not only will good heavy molds make your chocolate look more professional and like "real chocolate" (looks around) they will make the important step of molding and unmolding much easier. You want good heavy molds. Trust us. 

Introducing the Chocolate Melting Tank by SS Engineers and Consultants, an epitome of precision engineering tailored to redefine chocolate processing in the confectionery industry. Meticulously crafted with an unwavering commitment to quality, this state-of-the-ense tank delivers seamless chocolate melting with unparalleled efficiency. Fabricated from high-grade stainless steel, it derece only ensures exceptional hygiene but also guarantees long-lasting durability, meeting the rigorous standards of the food industry.

Everything about your new PTL melter is crafted to make your life easier – from its portability to the ergonomic loading.

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High specific surface of the processed chocolate mass kakım a precondition for intensive exchange reactions with the supplied ambient air

Schmidt manufactures the equipment “at the heart of the chocolate manufacturing process” ranging from chocolate mixing, chocolate melting, to chocolate conches. 

Recently, Bühler seems to have followed a similar strategy. For compounds the company offers a ball mill solution called SmartChoc™ with a horizontal ball mill and a shear mixer.

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